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Industrial plant of filtering equipment and filter elements

фильтры для очистика газов

Selton manufactures filtering elements for removal of solids and condensed moisture from natural and associated petroleum gas.

The use of fibreglass, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, cellulose filtering media from European manufacturers allows producing filtering elements with minimum hydraulic or airflow resistance, filtration degree up to 1 μm with depth or combined filtering layer. Our products are resistant to high temperature and aggressive media and chemicals and can be used under strong flows and high pressures. They are currently used at gas compressor units ГПА-Ц6,3; ГПА-10С; ГПА-Ц16; ГПА-25С; ГПА-Ц1-16С; ГПА-16-01 "Ural", ГТК-10I; ГТК-25I; ГТК-25С; gas compressor units ГПУ-10 with turbine engines НК-12СТ; НК-16СТ; ДР-59; ДТ-71; ДГ-90; ДЖ-59; ДН-90and other installations.

Our products are delivered to oil and gas companies of Ukrtransgaz, Gazprom, Gazprom Transgaz Belarus, Turkmengaz, Uzbekneftegaz, as well as to gas production and processing sites in Europe and Asia, particularly as part of the equipment produced by Sumy Frunze NPO PJSC (Sumy, Ukraine) and Gas Turbine Research & Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt (Nikolaev, Ukraine).

All filtering elements are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards, are adapted to fit equipment and machinery of world’s leading brands and offer quality of original filtering elements at a more competitive price.

The products are environmentally friendly, are certified by the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise, conform to TU technical specifications and come with test reports.

Filtering elements are designed and manufactured based on the Customer’s requirements.

The «Requirements Specification» can be filled in online.



Production of gas purification filters

Filtering elements for NGV filling stations

Fuel and startup gas filtering elements for GTP and GTU  

Filtering elements for inlet air filtration systems of gas turbines and gas compressors

Flat and tubular filtering elements for gas distribution plants and gas distribution stations