Sheet metal
cutting and bending

Selton company specializes in sheet metal processing, which is carried out according to standard or individual customer drawings. The main advantage is the availability of high-precision equipment. Therefore, we perform sheet metal cutting of any level of complexity, regardless of the fragility of the material.

The high quality of our services is due to the fact that we use only advanced technology. The order is fulfilled in a short time and at an affordable cost.

For example, the price of bending sheet metal depends on these points:

  • the complexity of the product;
  • the number of bends;
  • the thickness of the metal.

To accurately calculate the final cost, contact our manager, describing your job. The work will be done in full accordance with the specified task, and you will be satisfied with the result.

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Turning and turning-
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Performs milling and turning work of any complexity, regardless of the type of metal.
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We cut pipes of different thicknesses and materials (aluminum, stainless steel).
Welding work includes fabrication, repair and on-site installation of steel structures.
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