Our company provides welding works in Kiev. They include fabrication, repair and on-site installation of steel structures. Masters can manufacture goods according to your requirements and dimensions.

Without the process of welding, it is difficult to create a strong structure. Factory welding is divided into:

  • metal thermomechanical welding (contact welding, diffusion welding);
  • thermal welding of metal products (plasma, arc, gas welding);
  • mechanical type of metal welding (explosion welding, ultrasonic welding).


We do quality work without compromising the tightness and strength of the welds. Our welding of steel structures helps customers to get the finished product in the desired shape. Compliance with deadlines and care in the performance of work are the main criteria of our company.




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Sheet metal
cutting and bending
We perform cutting of sheet metal of any level of complexity, regardless of the fragility of the material.
Turning and turning-
milling works
Performs milling and turning work of any complexity, regardless of the type of metal.
Pipe cutting
and cutting
We cut pipes of different thicknesses and materials (aluminum, stainless steel).
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