Turning and turning-
milling works

Our company Selton performs milling and turning work of any complexity, regardless of the type of metal. To do this we use modern technology and high-precision equipment.

Turning to us to perform turning work, you can order the following services:

  • threading;
  • drilling holes of any diameter;
  • grooving on the surface of metal workpieces.


As for milling work, the range of services in this category includes the processing of flat workpieces of large dimensions, cutting out of metal of complex shapes. We also specialize in end milling, where you need to make grooves, protrusions.

Masters from our company perform turning and milling work to order from any kind of metal, be it aluminum or stainless steel.

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Sheet metal
cutting and bending
We perform cutting of sheet metal of any level of complexity, regardless of the fragility of the material.
Pipe cutting
and cutting
We cut pipes of different thicknesses and materials (aluminum, stainless steel).
Welding work includes fabrication, repair and on-site installation of steel structures.
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