Filter fabrics

Filter fabrics

The Selton company offers to supply a filter roll material for pre-cleaning the air.

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Filter fabrics are non-woven fabrics made of 100% polyester that are installed in ventilation systems. The main purpose is to clean the air from dust and other harmful components by coarse filtration. They are divided into classes by density and dust capacity. They are used in industry, power engineering, also installed in offices, shopping centers, public catering facilities.

Filter fabrics are used for air purification. It is a special material that provides thorough filtration due to the density and number of layers. There is a special classification, depending on the type of fiber and application. Classic air filter cloth is used in the intensive operation of ventilation systems and air conditioners.

What is a filter cloth

Filter fabric is a non-woven coarse material that is responsible for air purification. There are several grades, for standard ventilation and air conditioning systems the G2-G4 designation applies. The product provides coarse filtration, dirty sediment remains on the fibers. Also the air filtration material of G3 class is used when it is necessary to clean the room from paint and varnish wastes. The higher the class, the higher the density of the filter.

The product consists of 100% polyester, the fibers are joined under high temperature, thus ensuring density and eliminating the possibility of breakthroughs. The materials have a purity class according to EN 779.

Filter fabrics for ventilation have the following positive features:

  • high dust holding capacity;
  • uniform distribution of cleaning products in the depth of the fibers;
  • surface is kept clean by an internal accumulation of dirt;
  • high level of cleaning is ensured;
  • universality of use, suitable for most modern ventilation systems.

Scope of application

Filter fabrics are manufactured according to European standards and are available in rolls. All technical specifications are indicated on the package. Depending on the scope of application, products differ in density, dust capacity and thickness. The width of the material is standard – 200 cm. The scope of application is extensive, namely:

  • facilities of the pharmaceutical, food, engineering, metalworking, light industry and other industries;
  • electric power industry;
  • gas turbine engines and compressor units;
  • paint and varnish production lines;
  • drying chambers;
  • ventilation systems of public catering facilities;
  • shopping centers and government facilities.

Filter cloth is used in buildings where there is ventilation and a large amount of dust can be released. It is advisable to install it on the air conditioner at home as well.

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