Air purification and filtration system for clean rooms

Production facilities that must be kept within the established standards for pressure and permissible micro-particle size are classified as clean rooms. A proper filtration system is essential for sterile products and sensitive equipment. Filters are one of the most essential elements of an air purification system.

Ventilation of office premises: features of air filters

The office involves a large number of people in one room, which is why the room must be constantly ventilated. It is not always possible to open the windows, so it is customary to install air filters that are included in the general system of cleaning the air from dust.

Ensuring sterility in healthcare facilities: the importance of HEPA filters in ventilation systems

Strict hygiene criteria and national standards require the installation of a sophisticated three-stage ventilation system in medical facilities. It requires air filters with different protection classes to ensure complete sterility of the indoor atmosphere. For final cleaning, experts recommend HEPA filters to guarantee complete safety of patients from pathogenic air contaminants.

What you need to ensure the safety of paint spraying and drying booths

Why do you need filters for spray drying and drying boxes and what are their varieties. What are the peculiarities of installation, use and replacement of filters. What are the advantages of installing multistage filter protection for spraying and drying booths.

Ventilation of industrial enterprises: peculiarities and tips of masters on arrangement

Ventilation at the enterprise requires an individual approach to arrangement. A successful design and installation of the basic structures depends on the nuances of the industrial facility. Plus: it is important to comply with sanitary norms and regulatory documents. The article below will help to understand the peculiarities of industrial ventilation and will tell about the main points that should be taken into account when choosing a working project.

Types and peculiarities of hydraulic filters application

Correct operation of the hydraulic system of any machine depends on quality filtration of hydraulic fluids. The main element of such a system is a hydraulic filter, which protects hydraulic systems of special equipment from dust, dirt, metal particles, elements of chemical decomposition of working fluids. How to choose a hydraulic filter that will meet the standards and have the appropriate technical characteristics, read on.

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