Air-oil separator for compressor: what it is, purpose, principle of operation

Air-oil separator for compressor is used to extend the life of industrial machines. The part is applicable in almost every installation in factories, production plants. Cleaner helps to minimize oil consumption in compressors, due to which the operation of the units is much more efficient. By spending on a quality part for filtering oils (natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic), you extend the life of installations for smooth operation of production.


  1. Purpose.
  2. Construction.
  3. Varieties.
  4. Characteristics of devices.
  5. Reasons for buying original products.


Compressed air is used in almost any industrial unit. A quality separator plays an important role in the process of air compression inside structures. The well thought-out design of the spare part extends the service life of the element. Effectively filters all types of oils and supplies the main functioning parts with quality raw materials. The manufacturer should give a guarantee if it is sure of the quality of its equipment.


There are different types of oil separators, but they are all similar in structure. They consist of three layers:

  • a fine, porous one made of glass fiber;
  • the second layer consists of polyester fiber, lint;
  • the third layer protects the first two webs from overstressing.

All components should be made of high quality raw materials. Then the element for production equipment will fully fulfill its function of purifying compressed air for the full operation of the units.

Air/oil separator

The first layer absorbs the released oil, passing it through the pores to the next layer. The pores vary in diameter and number due to the different properties of the operating units. The second part reliably holds the eliminated elements, ensuring the flow of clean compressed air into the main functional sections of the production mechanism.

The element copes perfectly even at high temperatures of the working environment. It is necessary to select a part based on the level of load on the production mechanism. The higher the temperature of the working substance and the power of the machine, the stronger the housing should be selected.

A quality cleaner will significantly extend the service life of the entire system. It should not be skimped on.


Different purposes require different separators. The market distinguishes the following types:

  • standard;
  • for deep cleaning of the media;
  • for vacuum pumps.

There are spin-on and submersible separators, selected depending on the structure of the production unit.

Characteristics of devices

Air/oil separator for compressors

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Reasons for buying original products

Cleaning is more effective if a good quality part is selected. The advantages of buying original components are many:

  • long service life;
  • better protection of the inside of the expansion joint;
  • productive operation of equipment in production facilities;
  • the oil separator extends the life of the main device.

These are the main reasons why you should buy an original component. The surface of the inner part of the equipment will be protected from corrosion, destruction and other damage.

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