Filters for nuclear power engineering

Filters for nuclear power engineering

Selton offers a range of nuclear filters and air adsorbers for ventilation systems in nuclear power plants with VVER-1000 reactors. Products are elements of systems important for the safety of stations.

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Filters for the nuclear industry

CELTON LLC, which has been manufacturing and selling filtration plants for more than 20 years, offers its customers a range of filters for nuclear power plants, air carbon adsorbers for ventilation systems used in nuclear power plants. The products are components of the installations that are responsible for the safety of the plants.

Purpose and scope of application of the filtration equipment for nuclear power plants

Visiting the official website of the company “SELTON”, everyone has the opportunity to order and buy filtering equipment for nuclear power plants. In particular, in the catalog users can find:

  • aerosol filters for nuclear power plants;
  • aerosol filters earthquake-proof FAS;
  • adsorbers carbon AUS;
  • seismic resistant carbon cartridges KUS.

Aerosol filters FAP-3400 (analogue of D-23kl)

Filters FAP-3400 are used to purify gases and air. The devices allow to clean the air masses from toxic emissions, namely aerosol radioactive microparticles, as well as acid aerosols, alkalis, various components of organic origin. Overall dimensions of the products correspond to analogous parameters of D23kl and A17 filters manufactured before according to OST 95-4-80. The products are suitable for installation in Du350 structure, a replacement device and PSF-U-3 filtration system.
Upgraded FAP-3400 products are used as group or stationary devices as a part of ventilation systems for cleaning air masses at NPPs. The devices fully meet the standards for E10-H14 type filters according to DSTU EN 1822-1.

Seismic aerosol filters FAS (analogue of FARTOS)

FAS filters are used for purification of air flows and gases from toxic aerosols, mists, suspensions with radiation particles, which may contain dispersed phases. The products are offered in two versions:

  • FAS-200P regenerated filters for nuclear industry (with FES-200P filter elements), FAS-500P and FAS-2500P – used for ventilation systems and special gas purification;
  • Non-regenerated filters FAS-200N and FAS-500N, as well as FAS-2500N are used for ventilation filtration systems.

Such equipment is designed for operation in purification plants for air flows with nominal flow rate parameters equal to 200, 500 and 2500 cubic meters per hour.

Seismic resistant aerosol filters FAS-5000H (analogue of FRA-95-10M)

Seismic resistant aerosol filters for NPP FAS-5000H are advanced analogues of FRA-95-10M device. The equipment is used to purify air masses and gases from radiation, toxic particles, mixtures, mists, which may contain insoluble disperse phases. FAS-5000H filters are installed in purification and ventilation units.

Coal adsorbers AUS series

Seismic coal adsorbers (AUS-0,75, AUS-1,5) are used to clean the air masses and gases from impurities of iodine and iodine compounds at nuclear power plants and other energy enterprises.
Products of АУС series are manufactured for use in ventilation units with nominal air flow rate of 750 and 1500 cubic meters per hour. If the customer has other requirements, the performance of the equipment is changed.
The following elements are included in the package of devices of this series:

  • earthquake-resistant carbon-type cartridges;
  • aerosol filters;
  • if required, the adsorber module is supplied separately in order to monitor the status of the activated carbon.

Seismic resistant carbon cartridge KUS series

Seismic resistant carbon cartridge KUS is also used for cleaning of air flows, gases from iodine and iodine compounds. Products of KUS 0.375 model are installed in adsorbers AUS-0.75, AUS-1.5, AUI-1500K.
KUS-1 cartridges are used as a component part of coal adsorbers of AUI-7 type. The elements are used to replace carbon cassettes that have had time to use up their resource.

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