Gas filters

Gas filters

Selton manufactures filter elements for gas transmission systems and equipment. Today, filter elements such as FTG, FGK, FGZ, FGKR, FSG, FPP are successfully used as part of gas equipment in Ukraine and abroad. You can order a quality unit on the company’s website, all products are certified.

Gas filters from the plant «Selton» are used in purification and preparation systems:

  • fuel, starting, impulse and process gas;
  • natural and associated petroleum gas from mechanical impurities and drip moisture;
  • air at integrated air-cleaning devices (KVOU, VOU) in front of gas turbines and compressors;
  • gas at automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG filling stations) and automobile filling stations (gas stations).

You can buy filter elements of the FTG, FGK, FGZ, FGKR, FSG, FPP types by contacting the contact numbers listed in the Contacts section.

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Areas of use

Filtering elements for fuel, start, impulse and process gas

Filters for natural gas purification are used in fuel and starting gas treatment units (FGTU, SGTU) of stationary type gas turbine plants (GTP), gas compressor units (GCU), impulse gas treatment units (IGTU) at main (MCS), linear (LCS), booster (BCS) compressor stations (CS), as well as underground gas storage stations (UGSS) for gas purification from mechanical impurities and condensed moisture.

Filter elements are divided according to their purpose into:

  • dust collectors;
  • mist eliminators;
  • separators (coalescers).

Why gas scrubbers are needed

Gas dust collectors are used to trap mechanical impurities in GTP, GCU, GTPP, CHPP. They can be made of polypropylene, microfiberglass, cellulose, polyester or stainless filter meshes, depending on specific customer requirements or operating conditions.

The main functions of dust collectors:

  • the most efficient trapping of mechanical impurities before the gas separation unit to increase the service life of coalescent filtering elements;
  • protection of process equipment (burners, fuel systems, combustion chambers, turbine blades) from possible penetration of dust particles.

Gas separators (coalescers)

Filter coalescer (separator) is designed to remove mechanical impurities and ensure highly efficient separation of coalescent moisture from the gas stream, reducing the entrainment of the dispersed liquid phase (absorbent in absorption units).

It is recommended to install pre-filter elements (dust collectors) before the coalescers to trap larger mechanical impurities. Pre-filter elements protect the coalescer filter bed from quick fouling and ensure long life and efficient operation.

Functions of filtering elements-coalescers (separators):

  • flow filtration from mechanical impurities;
  • mingling of small drops into larger ones, due to the special properties of filter fibers;
  • separating the liquid phase from the main stream.

Gas separation is an absolutely necessary condition for the treatment of gas produced from a well, its transportation and storage in underground storage facilities (UGS).

Filter elements for FH

Filtering elements for air cleaning as part of inlet air filter units FH before gas turbines and compressors are manufactured in various designs. Possible designs: cylindrical, conical, compact, pocket and panel filtering elements.

Depending on climatic conditions, level of dustiness of atmospheric air, modifications of already designed systems, the filter elements for HEU provide:

  • pre
  • fine purification.

The task of the preliminary stage of air purification is to provide the most effective protection from the ingress of large and small dust particles into the second stage of fine filtration, thus extending its service life. Cleaning class G2-G4, M5, M6, F7-F9.

In its turn, the second stage of fine purification of cycle air protects the gas turbine flow path from possible residual contamination in the form of fine dust particles. Cleaning class F7-F9, E10-E12.

Filtering elements for filling stations and CNG filling stations

The filtering elements are designed to clean the fuel gas from mechanical impurities and condensed moisture before refueling. Today, the plant has the ability to offer filter elements for filling stations and CNG filling stations for almost the entire list presented in the market of refueling equipment: Galileo, Slavutich, Tokheim (Schlumberger), Schwelm, Tankanlagen Salzkotten, Meksan, Nuovo Pignone, ZAP, EnE, Scheidt&Bachmann, Gespasa, Adast, Aspro, Nara, PIUSI, Gora, Topaz, Tatsuno Rus, Livenka, etc.

The main functions of filtering elements for filling stations and CNG filling stations include:

  • purification of light oil products and fuel gas from solid mechanical impurities, aerosol and droplet moisture, paraffin and oily compounds, oil impurities and other impurities by mechanical means;
  • service life extension of the equipment at the filling stations and CNG filling stations;
  • extending the service life of engines and fuel systems of automotive equipment.

Equipment of «Selton» plant allows you to produce industrial gas filters of high quality, easy to use and durable.

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