Purification of natural gas in production: equipment for blue fuel purification

Gas filters are critical components that play a major role in the production of natural gas. What impurities and contaminants are present in natural gas? Types of filtration systems and their applications.


  1. Extraction of natural gas, what substances are in it.
  2. Scope of special filters.
  3. Industrial gas filters, their varieties.

Specialists involved in such a process as natural gas extraction are aware of the need to purify the fossil fuel from various impurities, including aerosols and pollutants (sulfur, carbon dioxide, etc.). This is done to ensure that natural gas meets fuel and health and environmental specifications. Modern fossil processing involves many processes that involve special filters.

Below we will tell you why the use of filters is the best solution for enterprises working with gas. We will also consider the main types of this equipment.

Purification of natural gas during production

Extraction of natural gas, what substances are in it

As a rule, crude gas consists of ethane and methane. These substances are among the shortest, lightest hydrocarbon molecules. In addition, it may contain varying amounts of:

  • normal butane, propane, isobutane, pentanes (heavy gaseous hydrocarbons);
  • natural gasoline (liquid hydrocarbons);
  • hydrogen sulfide, methanethiol, carbon dioxide, ethanethiol (acid gases);
  • helium, nitrogen;
  • small amounts of mercury.

In addition, untreated gas may contain radioactive material of natural origin and water vapor, liquid water. The latter cause corrosion and damage to the pipeline through which the substance is transported.

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Scope of special filters

As mentioned above, in a process such as natural gas processing, modern filters are used to purify natural gas. Selton’s professional products are considered to be among the best in their field.
With their help:

  • remove moisture and a variety of impurities from the fossil (the amount of the latter must be within the established norm);
  • purify air near a compressor or turbine.

Equipment is used for the preparation and transportation of different types of blue fuel. Customer makes a choice depending on operating conditions and other criteria.

Below we will consider the main types of filters in detail.

Scope of special filters

Industrial gas filters, their varieties

Fossil cleaning is a complex, time-consuming process, so filtration elements are divided into several types. These include: dust collectors, mist collectors and separators.

  1. Dust collectors.
    These filtering elements are used at thermal power plants, gas turbine power plants, gas turbine power plants. With their help mechanical impurities are captured. Products are made of polyester, stainless steel mesh, polypropylene and so on. The main functions of dust collectors include protection of technological equipment and selection of mechanical impurities before the separation unit.

  2. Separators.
    Gas separators are responsible for eliminating moisture from the gas streams. In this way it is possible to reduce the entrainment of fine liquid phase in absorption apparatuses. These elements make it possible to filter the gas stream from impurities, to combine small droplets into larger ones. With their help it is possible to separate the liquid phase from the main flow.

It is also worth mentioning the filter elements for HEU/DHEU. They are installed upstream of turbines, compressors and provide:

  • coarse filtration (preliminary);
  • fine filtration.

The former protects against the ingress of fine and coarse particles in the fine filtration, prolonging its service life. The second provides protection of the GTU flow part from probable residual contaminants.
All the above mentioned products allow not only to purify natural gas, but also protect process equipment from breakdowns and prolong its “life”. The manufacturing facilities of Selton plant allow producing industrial gas filters in full compliance with the highest quality standards. Products are reliable and durable.

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