Carbon filters

Carbon filters

Selton LLC manufactures air carbon filters with various modifications and designs. At the customer request, the company’s specialists will select carbon materials depending on the type of pollutant, operating conditions, etc.

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Areas of use

Carbon filters for ventilation

Carbon filters (sorption) are used to clean the air (recirculation, exhaust, and also supply) of all sorts of odors and various impurities of gaseous type in the ventilation / air conditioning systems of the premises.

Air carbon filters have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • ease of installation;
  • easy care;
  • elimination of unpleasant, pungent odors;
  • maintaining the natural movement of air through a cleaning system back into the room;
  • affordable price.

Extractor hood with charcoal filter for ventilation has proven effective in professional kitchens, apartments, houses of private sector, on sites where you need quality air treatment from all kinds of impurities.

Industrial carbon filter

Carbon filters-adsorbers add to the popularity of the whole line of filters of this type. They are well known to motorists, also found wide application in chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries, small power plants, water reservoirs, etc. FSU filter (sorption carbon filter) is a mandatory element in the treatment of industrial condensate and water (sewage, in boiler houses). The most famous are household water filters.

Charcoal air filter: features

Carbon filters for ventilation (cartridges) can be made of cylindrical, panel or compact types. Depending on the variant of operation, the sphere of application, and the requirements of the customer, both bulk carbon and carbon-impregnated filter material can serve as a filtering material. It is also possible to manufacture combined models, which combine pre-cleaning and carbon stage.

Coal absorbers

Among the wide range of models, the company offers a carbon air filter in the form of a new design solution: a simultaneous combination of rational use of carbon and the possibility to replace the cartridges without replacing the body itself.

The carbon box is suitable both for installation in existing systems of air supply, exhaust, recirculation, and can be installed separately.

Depending on the air treatment requirements, different charcoal can be used for both group and specific pollutant cleaning.

The charcoal air filter is one of the most convenient and popular devices for direct air purification of pollutants. A small disadvantage of this device is the need to replace it relatively often.

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