Carbon filters

Carbon filters

Selton LLC produces carbon filters of various modifications and designs. At the customer request, the company’s specialists will select carbon materials depending on the type of pollutant, operating conditions, etc.

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Areas of use

Carbon (sorption) filters are designed to clean intake, exhaust and recirculation air from gaseous contaminants, odors in ventilation and air conditioning systems of premises for various purposes.
Carbon filters (carbon cartridges) can be of cylindrical, panel or compact types.
Depending on the scope of application, operating conditions, customer requirements, both bulk coal and carbon-impregnated filter material can serve as a filtering material.

Combined models can be also manufactured that combine pre-cleaning and carbon filter.

Coal absorbers

The company also offers a ready-made design solution that combines the rational use of coal and the ability to replace cartridges without replacing the body itself.
A carbon box is suitable for installation in existing air supply, exhaust, recirculation systems, and can be installed separately.

Depending on the requirements for air preparation, different carbons can be used, for both a specific and multiple pollutants.

  • 01. Different types of crafts (pharmaceutical, kharchova, machine-building, metalworking, food-processing, light skinny);
  • 02. In systems for the preparation of repetitions for brewing and drying chambers, lacofarb brewing lines and other brewing processes, it is necessary;
  • 03. at the houses of different recognition (office and business centers, residential, administrative, warehouse terminals, airports, shopping and distribution centers, warehouses);
  • 04. At the subsidiaries of the community catering (restaurants, cafes, far away places).
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