Filter and ventilation complex FVK

Filter and ventilation complex FVK

The FVC filter-ventilation complex is designed for purification and regeneration of atmospheric air supplied to the protective structure from the effects of chemical warfare agents (CWA), highly potent toxic substances (VX), radioactive dust (RP) and biological aerosols (BA).

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Used in case of military operations and man-made accidents.

  1. Regeneration by sorption of carbon dioxide from the indoor air of the civil protection facility.
  2. Ventilation with absorption of chemical warfare agents (CWA), potent poisonous substances (PPS), radioactive dust (RP) and biological aerosols (BA).
  3. Ventilation with purification of atmospheric air from coarse particles, smoke, dust, including radioactive.
  4. Designed to work in shelters from 20 to 450 people, for more people it is necessary to install several units.
  5. The power supply can be external network, storage diesel generator or autonomous source of installation.
  6. The system is equipped with a climate control unit that cools or heats the air in the room in ventilation and recirculation modes.
  7. The control panel provides a user-friendly control interface that does not require additional knowledge from the operator. To operate the unit it is necessary to turn it on, select the operating mode and set the room temperature. The complex independently controls valves, fans, monitors the condition of filters, takes into account the running time of motor hours.
  8. It is operated at air temperature from plus 50°C to minus 50°C and relative humidity up to 95%.


The complex includes:

  • Filter packs FA 18 858.
  • Filter absorbers AC 16 543 or AC 15 920.
  • Cartridges regenerators CA 26 715.
  • Ventilation unit BB-1200 or BB-450.
  • Climatic installation
  • Connecting armature
  • Control panel
  • Control and measuring instruments and automatics
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Passport and operating instructions

The unit is delivered assembled after factory testing.

    1 2 3 4 5
Number of people in the shelter man 20-50 40-100 60-150 120-300 180-450
Rated air capacity in clean ventilation mode m3/h 300 1000 1000 2000 3000
Rated air capacity in filter ventilation mode m3/h 100 200 300 600 900
Rated performance in regeneration mode m3/h 100 100 100 200 300
Control system   Automatic with manual duplication
Climate system   Cooling and heating
Outside air temperature 0С -50  –  +50
Relative humidity of the outside air % 30  –  95
Operating time from an autonomous source hours 6  –  48
Power supply В 220

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