Filter-ventilation kit FVK: what is it for and features of application


  1. Features of performance
  2. Composition of the filter-ventilation kit

What is the FVK filter-ventilation kit for? The task of the modernized air purification unit is to remove toxic, bacteriological and radioactive components from the atmospheric air, which is supplied inside the protective structure. The filter-ventilation kit is used for shelters during man-made accidents of different scales and during military operations where there is a risk of bacterial and other kinds of hazards.

The unit is installed in enclosed areas with up to 150 people at a time. Installation of extended models can be used to equip shelters for up to 450 people.

An important point: for full operation of the unit, which guarantees the supply of clean air in the required volume, you need a connection to the network. This can be a stationary version (external network) or powering from an autonomous source (diesel or gasoline generators).

Features of performance


Today, kits for the removal of harmful impurities, working for enclosed spaces, are available in two versions. FVK-1 filter-ventilation kit operates in two modes:

  1. for removal of radioactive particles;
  2. for cleaning from decay products of radioactive elements, bacterial aerosols and toxic components.


Filter-ventilation kit FVK-2

Filter-ventilation kit FVK-2, given the peculiarities of the complete set, is supplemented by the third mode of operation, which helps to clean the incoming air flow from smoke and carbon monoxide. At the same time the start of cooling function is available, which guarantees maintaining a comfortable microclimate in the room.

The unit for filtering and ventilating air streams fed into an enclosed room, in technogenic accidents or during military operations, is characterized by simplicity of operation. Start-up does not require any special skills. The main point is to select the necessary settings on the control panel (including temperature). The complex works without operator’s participation, controlling the condition of filters and the production of engine hours.

Effective control of hazardous dust and other contaminants is achieved at a temperature of ± 50 degrees Celsius. The humidity of the air should not be higher than 95%.

Composition of the filter-ventilation kit

The composition, regardless of the model, includes:

  1. Pre-filters (needed to remove large particles);
  2. filters with absorbent elements (type depends on the specific use);
  3. regenerative cartridges (used to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the same volume);
  4. ventilation unit (main component: air filter FVC, the capacity of which is selected depending on the planned load)
  5. control panel (here are also sensors that signal deviations from the nominal operating parameters);
  6. connecting fittings (including air ducts and other types of accessories for quick installation).

Additionally, the filter-ventilation set can be supplemented with a climate control unit. Its functionality includes maintaining the set temperature in the room. Special elements are used to heat or cool the incoming air stream. You can adjust the parameters depending on the external environment. 

You can also order the complex with an autonomous power supply. This increases its cost, but guarantees uninterrupted operation in the case of inability to connect to a fixed electrical network.

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