Filter boxes

Filter boxes

The Selton company offers filter boxes of various executions to delivery. Filter box is an element of the ventilation system, the main purpose of which is to clean the exhaust, intake and recirculation air in ventilation systems for various types of premises.

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Areas of use

Filter boxFilter box is practical to operate and maintain. In most cases, it is made of galvanized steel, however exceptions are possible depending on the installation site and the customer requirements.

Inside of it, there is a special filtering element or several stages of elements of various filtration degree.

The cleaning class of this filtering element (cartridge) is selected depending on the application environment and the nature of the contamination of this site, as well as the degree of expected after-filter purity of air; the cleaning class is selected by the customer or recommended by the manufacturer based on the technical specifications.
To connect this device with other connecting components of the ventilation system, round pipes are mounted in its body. The number and size of the pipes are selected individually, according to the ventilation system design.

The box design makes it possible to place the filtering elements both in horizontal and vertical positions, moreover, it provides the ability to replace the life-expired filtering elements with the new ones.

Filter boxes are divided into boxes for installation:

  • EPA/HEPA filters;
  • pocket filtering elements;
  • panel filtering elements;
  • combined filter boxes.

Combined filter boxes contain filtering elements for both mechanical air purification and odor removal.

  • 01. Various industries (pharmaceutical, food, mechanical engineering, metalworking, instrumentation, light industry, etc.);
  • 02. In air preparation systems for painting and drying chambers, paint and varnish production lines and other production processes, where necessary;
  • 03. In buildings for various purposes (office and business centers, residential, administrative, warehouse terminals, airports, shopping and entertainment centers, industrial, etc.);
  • 04. At catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc.).
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