Filter boxes

Filter boxes

The Selton company offers filter boxes of various executions to delivery. Filter box is an element of the ventilation system, the main purpose of which is to clean the exhaust, intake and recirculation air in ventilation systems for various types of premises.

You can buy filter boxes by contacting the contact numbers listed on the company’s website.

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Cleaning ventilation filter boxes

Filter box

The modern CELTON plant (Ukraine) has been manufacturing components and purification units for air, water, technical liquids, gas, oil products, oil and others for more than two decades.
All products, particularly filter boxes, are manufactured strictly according to international standards. Each single element is accompanied by a data sheet, subjected to strict control of quality characteristics, such as, for example, degree of purification, water resistance, yield, etc.

High-quality in-house equipment is regularly replenished with innovative filtering materials and components from leading foreign and domestic manufacturers, which makes it possible to regularly replenish the range of products and enter new markets.

What is a filter box: varieties

The filter box can be called an integral part of the ventilation system. Its main purpose is to clean the air flows in residential and non-residential premises. In fact, this element is an air filter used to clean ventilation systems from dust, fine dirt and microparticles that get into the unit with the air masses.
Filter box for ventilation – an essential component, necessary to increase the term of operation of any ventilation equipment, as well as to maintain the purity of the air entering the room.

To buy an air filter box means to make the right choice, because such devices are extremely easy to use and have inexpensive replacement inserts. The equipment is used to produce ventilation systems based on channel-type devices. Thus, channel filter boxes can be components of tidal and tidal-exhaust type units. As a rule, such devices are installed near the suspended ceiling structures with auxiliary devices of inspection hatches. They are used to perform obligatory maintenance of all ventilation equipment.
Another use of filter boxes is to add another cleaning element to existing ventilation systems when upgrading them.

Ventilation ducts can have different designs, so filter boxes are also produced in different types. Among them:

  • round pocket filter;
  • round cassette type filter;;
  • rectangular cassette type filter;
  • rectangular pocket filter box.

Circular boxes of pocket and cassette type are used to clean the supply and in some cases the exhaust air flows in ventilation systems. In addition, such equipment with a circular cross section can be used for air conditioning. These elements protect heat exchangers, fans and other ventilation devices from dust. They minimize contamination on walls and ceilings near air outlets. The design of the filter box makes it possible to mount it on circular ducts in different positions using clamps.

Rectangular panel and pleated type filters are used for the purpose of cleaning supply air streams. As well as circular devices, they sometimes expel air in rectangular ventilation and air conditioning systems. The products are made mainly of galvanized steel and are fixed in front of the heaters and fans in the direction of airflow. Installation of such recirculation equipment is made by using a flange connection. The direction of air flows is indicated on the device itself.

The best filter boxes

If you have decided to purchase a filter box for panel filters or other similar equipment to order, contact “SELTON”. Over 20 years of activity the factory has become one of the leaders in the domestic market of filtration systems. We offer our clients:

  • unsurpassed quality of products;
  • the complete cycle of production, from design to finished solutions;
  • extensive experience in the Ukrainian market.

Visit the official website of the company and choose the filter option suitable for you.

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