Aspiration filter cartridges

Aspiration filter cartridges

Aspiration filter cartridges for self-cleaning filters of dust collectors are installed in aspiration systems (dust removal ventilation) designed to remove polluted air near the pollutant emission source with its cleaning and return to the premise.

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Areas of use

Filter cartridges are used in the ventilation system to clean the elevated level of air. These are special mechanical designs created by the latest technology, processing air masses in the area of increased smoke, dust and gas formation. Equipment from the domestic manufacturer «Selton» is used in manufacturing facilities and provides the highest quality purification.

What are aspiration filter cartridges

Aspiration filter cartridges for self-cleaning dust collector filters are installed in aspiration systems. This is dedusting ventilation, designed to remove contaminated air near the source of the emission of harmful substances with its purification and return to the room.

The filter cartridge: What is its advantage

More and more industrial facilities are installing aspiration systems, and they require self-cleaning filter cartridges. Such a design does not require regular investments, having installed it, you can be confident in the longevity of operation. The indisputable advantages of using filtration units with such cartridges include the following points:

  • high efficiency of air purification;
  • the possibility of placing a large filtering area in one filter due to the corrugation of the filtering material;
  • they are replaceable;
  • durability;
  • energy-saving factor.

The unit allows you to quickly and effectively clean rooms of large volumes. They are installed at sites with increased dust emissions and in places where flammable, toxic, explosive and hazardous substances accumulate. It is an opportunity to create safe working conditions in industrial areas.

What self-cleaning filter cartridges are made of

Self-cleaning cartridges are made of 100% polyester, which forms a corrugated bag. By corrugating the material, it is possible to increase the filtering area and extend the service life of the finished product.
The factory uses only filtered material for production, in addition to the standard version – without additional coating, can be of the following types:

  • hydrophobic;
  • electrostatic;
  • with PTFE membrane.

Selection of the material is carried out individually, all depends on the customer’s requirements and the operating conditions of the equipment. Aspiration filter cartridges refer to the regenerated (regenerable) type of filters. Regeneration, as a rule, occurs by feeding compressed air to the inlet surface or by mechanical vibrations. Products of «Selton» plant are widely known in the market of air filtration elements. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies it was possible to produce products that fully meet European quality standards.

  • 01. Various industries (pharmaceutical, food, mechanical engineering, metalworking, instrumentation, light industry, etc.);
  • 02. In the electric power industry, gas and oil refining industries (in gas turbine engines and compressor units, etc.);
  • 03. In air preparation systems for painting and drying chambers, paint and varnish production lines and other production processes, where necessary;
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