Oil filters

Oil filters

Selton offers a wide range of filters and filtering elements for purification of oil and hydraulic fluids. Hydraulic filters are the devices for separating various contaminants from the working fluid of hydraulic systems and units.

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Areas of use

Classification of hydraulic filters

Due to the design features, installation site and purpose, the hydraulic filters can be divided into: partial flow, full-flow, combined (depending on the volume of fluid passing through the filter); lattice, slot, surface (due to design features); suction, pressure, drain (at the installation site, respectively: on the suction pipe, after the pressure pump, between the working mechanisms and the liquid reservoir).

Purpose and scope of hydraulic filters

Operation of modern hydraulic equipment, as a rule, must meet strict requirements set for the purity of working fluids, as this is directly related to the indicators of its efficiency, reliability and safety. During the operation of such equipment, particles of dust, oxides, condensate, rust, fibers, paint, sealants can get into the hydraulic fluids. The presence of such contaminants in the hydraulic system increases wear and results in destruction of the surfaces of numerous important and highly loaded parts. The use of appropriate hydraulic filters ensures the required purity of the working fluid, as well as reliable and long-term operation of the components and mechanisms of hydraulic equipment.

The main areas where the hydraulic filters are used:

  • hydraulic drives of transport and construction machines, mechanisms and devices of aviation equipment, machine tools and handling machinery;
  • hydraulic boosters of industrial and road equipment;
  • stamping and pressing production;
  • drilling and forestry equipment;
  • compressors and transformers;
  • hydraulic systems and equipment at oil refineries, chemical, mining and machine-building enterprises, food production, container and packaging plants.

Oil filters

They are used to purify oils and working fluids in engines, transmissions, gearboxes, power steering, as well as various lubricating equipment and systems. Oil filters can be divided into the following types:

  • Mechanical (paper, felt, mesh, lamellar, wire). Purification is carried out by filtration.
  • Centrifugal filters. Centrifugal forces are used to remove impurities. Gravitational filters. Impurities precipitate under the action of gravity.
  • Magnetic filters. Impurities are separated under the action of a magnet.

Material version of hydraulic filters

There are several main types of materials used for the production of hydraulic filters.

  • Mesh filters. The basis of the filter is a grid of thin stainless wire, and the dimensions of cells in it are very small. Such filters are capable of separating only large particles. Therefore, they are mainly used as pre-filters.
  • Cellulose filters. Cellulose filtering elements feature fairly high degree of filtration, however they are not very durable. They are installed in systems where maintenance is regularly carried out.
  • Fiberglass filters. They are durable and efficient, and have a large capacity. They are more expensive than cellulose filters, however their service life is up to 4 times longer.
  • 01. Various industries (pharmaceutical, food, mechanical engineering, metalworking, instrumentation, light industry, etc.);
  • 02. In the electric power industry, gas and oil refining industries (in gas turbine engines and compressor units, etc.);
  • 03. In buildings for various purposes (office and business centers, residential, administrative, warehouse terminals, airports, shopping and entertainment centers, industrial, etc.);
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