Types and peculiarities of hydraulic filters application

Correct operation of the hydraulic system of any machine depends on quality filtration of hydraulic fluids. The main element of such a system is a hydraulic filter, which protects hydraulic systems of special equipment from dust, dirt, metal particles, elements of chemical decomposition of working fluids. How to choose a hydraulic filter that will meet the standards and have the appropriate technical characteristics, read on.


  1. Selection of hydraulic filter by dimensions.
  2. Hydrofilter replacement intervals.
  3. Hydraulic lubrication filters: types and function.

Selection of hydraulic filter by dimensions

Every cleaning system needs constant filtration. In the event of a breakdown, the hydrofilter must be replaced immediately. For this purpose, an original model should be selected. If it can not be found, then as an option you can choose an analog. Choosing an analog of the equipment is a complex process. It depends on the parameters and characteristics of the original device.

To correctly select an analogous model of the hydrofilter, it is necessary to measure the inner and outer diameters of the broken element, its height. The diameter of the sealing ring and the filter barrel will help determine the size and shape of the device to be replaced. Finding out this information will help to choose the right option. If there are difficulties in choosing, follow the link. Consultants will help you choose a model from world manufacturers, which will correspond to the parameters of the original, in addition, at a lower cost.

peculiarities of application of hydraulic filters

Hydrofilter replacement intervals

Hydraulic filters operate under severe conditions and are subjected to increased stress on the filter system. The quality of the filter depends on the characteristics of the hydraulic oil and the reliability of the hydraulic components: pumps, valves, actuators. All these parts are subject to erosion, constant abrasion due to high pressure and therefore need to be replaced regularly.

Selection of hydraulic filter by dimensions

The working oil, which is inside the engine case, collects all foreign impurities. Over time, all particles of contaminants clog the hydraulic filter, and the oil cannot pass through it, so it bypasses. The mechanism continues to work, but all units and systems are no longer protected from debris. Dirty oil does not protect the engine and thus reduces the life of the power unit, reduces power and reduces its service life.

Vehicle mileage on one hydrofilter should not exceed the indicator of 8 thousand kilometers. The recommended mileage indicator for oil change is 15-20 thousand kilometers. Consequently, the filter should be changed faster than the oil. But more often it happens that hydraulic filter is changed together with oil change.

Hydraulic lubrication filters: types and function

The efficiency of the hydraulic system directly depends on the degree of contamination of the hydraulic oil with solid particles. Working oil, which is used in specialized filter equipment, needs timely cleaning from various technical impurities. Diesel, gasoline, machine oil pass through a removable filter, the body of which is made of special cardboard or paper, its valve is pumped by a pump. It detains the particles that exceed the set sizes.

Hydrofilter replacement intervals

To choose the right oil hydraulic filter, you should consider the following factors:

  • brand of the technical means;
  • model of special equipment;
  • fuel type – diesel, gasoline;
  • operating conditions – temperature fluctuations, air humidity.

There are the following types of oil filters:

  • suction;
  • cartridge;
  • linear;
  • pressure;
  • drain.

It is possible to choose the right type, pressure or other type of oil filter, depending on the pressure of the hydraulic filter system and hydraulic oil flow rate.
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