Ventilation of office premises: features of air filters


  1. Why do you need air filters for office premises?
  2. What are the cleaning classes of air filters for ventilation systems?
  3. Types of filters according to design features
  4. Classes of air filters for office premises according to the degree of purification

The office involves a large number of people in one room, which is why the room must be constantly ventilated. It is not always possible to open the windows, so it is customary to install air filters that are included in the general system of cleaning the air from dust.

Why do you need air filters for office premises?

An air filter is a device that is needed to clean the air from dust, small particles, allergens and other indoor air pollution.

All air filters play a critical role in keeping the air clean. They prevent dangerous and polluted particles from entering the human lungs. The device is especially important for office spaces where people need to concentrate on work.

Compact in a plastic case

In addition, filters extend the life of the entire ventilation system.

What are the cleaning classes of air filters for ventilation systems?

All air filters are divided into classes that must be considered in the selection process.

  1. Coarse filtering – G1, G2, G3, G4.
  2. Fine cleaning. – F5, F6, F7, F8, F9.
  3. High efficiency – H10, H11.
  4. NERA – H12, H13, H14.
  5. Ultra high filtration – U15, U16.
  6. ULPA – U17.

Coarse cleaning filters are used in rooms with low air quality requirements. They capture particles larger than 10 microns and pre-clean the air in the ventilation and air conditioning system.

Panel thickness 5 mm

Fine filters are also used in the ventilation system as second-stage filters and retain particles larger than 1 micron.

High-efficiency filters are equipment for absolute air filtration. Detain 99% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns. This type of filter is not used in office premises.

Types of filters according to design features

Just as there is a classification of air filters by cleaning class, there is another division by design features, because this is not a universal equipment.


The pocket filter has a very simple design – it is a metal or plastic frame on which the filter cloth is stretched. The filter can perform both coarse and fine cleaning.

Due to its pocket-like shape, dust is absorbed quickly and efficiently, used before the filter, and can adjust the cleaning area depending on the length and depth of the pocket.


Panel air filters are made of a special high-efficiency material – 100% polyester or glass fiber, thanks to which dust capacity and productivity are increased. The material is stretched around the perimeter of the entire panel, so all small particles of air are evenly distributed over the entire plane.

Panel filter


This air filter is maximally effective in rooms where the highest demands are placed on air filtration. This type guarantees the maximum ultrafine air purification from dust and other microorganisms.

Filter compact


The cassette type has an additional replaceable unit, which is used for coarse air filtration – the cassette catches large dust fractions, preventing them from entering the room.

The filtration system can have several cassettes, and their number depends on the area of the room and the amount of air in it.

Office spaces can be filtered with this equipment.

Absolute cleaning filters

One of the best types of air filters, which provides complete air purification from dust, radiation particles, alkaline and acid fumes, etc.

For production, only ecological raw materials are used, which form ultra-thin glass fibers packed in the form of mini corrugations.


It is a non-woven fabric that consists of 3 layers that are combined using ultrasonic welding:

  • external (polymers spandrel);
  • polypropylene heat-bonded material;
  • internal (polymer statically charged material based on ultra-thin polypropylene fibers).

Can be used to create pocket and cassette filters.


A sleeve filter is a device inside which filter bags are installed, which can separate dust and solid particles from the air. Bag filters are the simplest equipment, but are not used to filter the office space.

Classes of air filters for office premises according to the degree of purification

It is worth reminding that there are only 3 classes of cleaning, but only 2 of them are used for the office space.
Usually, this is coarse and fine cleaning. But ultra-high cleaning is inherent in the fight against bacteria in medical institutions, pharmacies, nuclear and chemical industries, as well as for the retention of harmful substances – organic dust, inorganic particles and metal particles.

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