Filters for agricultural and special equipment

Filters for agricultural and special equipment

Selton LLC offers filters and filtering elements for agricultural machinery, namely: John Deere, Claas, Case, New Holland, Fendt, Deutz, Lamborghini, Massey Ferguson, Gomselmash, Rostselmash, MTZ, Caterpillar mining, road, special equipment, Volvo, Alpfa, Hyundai, Speco, Ausa, BOBCAT etc.

You can buy filters for mining, road, special equipment and agricultural machinery by calling the contact phone numbers indicated in the Contacts section.

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Areas of use

Filters can be divided into the following categories according to the scope of their application:

Engine air filters

Air filters are used in all types of engines. Their main task is to purify air in the engine from small dirt particles contained in the air (dust), and from toxic gaseous impurities and abrasive particles. Thus, air filters create optimal conditions for engine operation.

Cabin (interior) air filters

This group of filters is designed to purify air in the interior or cabin of a vehicle. Air panel filters save space and are easy to use. The filter is a pocket and a pleated element that retains dust and impurities from the air passing through it.

Oil filtering elements

Oil filters are designed to remove solid particles from engine oils, which can form due to wear of rubbing surfaces or ingress of solid products of fuel combustion into the oil. Oil filters are mostly non-assembled items that have a metal housing with a filtering element and protective valves inside.

Fuel filtering elements

Fuel filters are used to filter and remove rust, dirt, solid particles that are contained in metal containers for fuel storage and transportation.

Hydraulic filtering elements

Filters of this category are designed to protect the hydraulic systems of machinery from metal particles formed with friction of parts and to reduce wear on mechanisms. Due to the oil degradation and mechanical wear of the elements working together, a lot of contaminants form in the hydraulic system. The filter is designed to remove these contaminants from the system.

  • 01. Repair and maintenance of equipment (agricultural, road, quarry, special equipment).
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