Filters for agricultural and special equipment

Filters for agricultural and special equipment

Selton LLC offers filters and filtering elements for agricultural machinery, namely: John Deere, Claas, Case, New Holland, Fendt, Deutz, Lamborghini, Massey Ferguson, Gomselmash, Rostselmash, MTZ, Caterpillar mining, road, special equipment, Volvo, Alpfa, Hyundai, Speco, Ausa, BOBCAT etc.

You can buy filters for mining, road, special equipment and agricultural machinery by calling the contact phone numbers indicated in the Contacts section.

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Areas of use

Filters for special-purpose and agricultural machinery: characteristics, scope of application

High quality air filters for special equipment are sold in the company «Selton». Additionally you can buy filter elements for agricultural machinery of such brands as Fendt, Deutz, Lamborghini, Caterpillar, Volvo, Alpha and others.

Hydraulic filters for special equipment fully comply with European standards. They are distinguished by special markings, so the selection will be error-free.

Classification of goods

According to the area of use, goods are divided into several varieties. A general classification of the items offered in the catalog is presented. Each of them has its own service life and technical characteristics.
Engine air purification filters
Dust filters for engine air purification are popular. They are used in all types of systems. The main task of this part is to clean the air flow in the motor from dust, gaseous impurities, abrasive particles. In this way the life of the engine element is prolonged.

Cabin (cabin) air filters

Separate models are available for cleaning the cabin or cab air of a forklift truck. They are paneled, convenient and cost-effective. The product looks like a pocket and a separate corrugated part. It retains impurities and dust.

Oil filter elements

Oil filters for special equipment are needed to remove solid particles from the engine oil, which often appear due to wear on the rubbing surfaces. There are non-disassembled structures with metal housing, protective valves and filter element.

Fuel filter elements

Fuel filters for special equipment are needed to remove dirt, rust, solid particles. There are also road filters. They are also called hydraulic filters. They protect from the system pollution.

Hydraulic filter elements

Filters in this category protect hydraulic systems of machinery from metal particles generated by friction of parts and help reduce wear of mechanisms. Due to oil degradation as well as mechanical wear of components working together, many contaminants arise in the hydraulic system. The filter is designed to remove these contaminants from the system.

Area of application

Filters for construction equipment are used everywhere. The main fields of application are:

  • Repair of quarry, special equipment;
  • Maintenance of road, agricultural transport.

This product will extend the service life.

Quality filters for special equipment

The company «Selton» offers filters for trucks and special equipment of high quality. The catalog is regularly updated with new models. You can buy goods for excavator, road, quarry, special, agricultural machinery. Presented products thoroughly clean the air from dust. Consultant will choose universal model or for a particular brand of transport. Certificates are guaranteed. Contact the manager of the company «Selton» can be contacted by phone, listed in the contacts. Specialist answers calls and requests during working hours.

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