Characteristics and peculiarities of the selection of filters for special equipment

Filters are essential elements of every transport machine. What is the function of filters for special equipment? How to choose a filter for the engine, what should you pay attention to? Types of filtration systems for industrial equipment. Varieties of hydraulic filters. Signs of wear of the filter for special equipment. Timely maintenance of equipment a way to help avoid problems.


  1. Introduction.
  2. How to choose an oil filter for your engine.
  3. Filters for special equipment, varieties of parts.
  4. Signs of Special Equipment Filter Wear.


Any equipment operating on gas, gasoline or diesel engines includes cleaning elements. Filters are part of agricultural and truck machines, bulldozers, excavators and buses. There are also industrial cleaning systems for power plants and machine tools. Filters for trucks and special equipment protect the engine and equipment from damage, increasing the service life of the equipment.

How to choose an oil filter for your engine

Every transport mechanism includes an element designed to clean technical fluids from the products of wear and tear that penetrate into important parts. This results in malfunctioning of the mechanisms, up to and including engine failure if the operating time is exceeded.

Engine oil filter

Fuel fluids used in specialized equipment need timely purification from various technical impurities. Removable filters consisting of specialized cardboard or paper material are used. Diesel, gasoline and machine oils pass through the part, trapping particles larger than the set size. The cleaning device protects against damage by means of a bypass valve that directs, in the event of an emergency, the operating fluid to bypass.

When buying a filter, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and characteristics of the internal, external device. It is important to consider the quality of the substance from which the part is made. To know how to choose an oil filter for the engine, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • the brand of the vehicle on which the change will be carried out;
  • the model of the special equipment and additional devices;
  • type of fuel used diesel or gasoline;
  • conditions of use temperature fluctuations, humidity.

Filters for special equipment, varieties of parts

Among the main purification systems for industrial machinery, there is a distinction:

  • air type filtration system, where the air is cleaned of soot and dust;
  • the hydraulic type provides filtration from clogging and reliable operation of the equipment;
  • the oil type prevents premature wear of parts;
  • fuel type protects the engine from penetration of paraffin, water and solid particles.

Filters for special vehicles

Hydraulic filters for special equipment operate under heavy and excessive loads. They also protect the device from condensate and steel chips from the friction of parts. There are the following types of hydraulic filters:

  • pressure ones, shielding the valve from contamination;
  • suction, protecting the engine from large damaging substances;
  • drains, preventing foreign matter from entering the tank.

Parts are exposed to higher pressure, reducing the strength of hydraulic products, so regular replacement parts are required.

Modern air filters for special equipment clean the air and retain soot and sand on the corrugated material, ensuring proper operation of the engine. The part consists of a housing, seal and filter element. They are subdivided into:

  • cylindrical, where the air is cleaned from foreign fragments;
  • panel ones, having a thin partition, made of corrugated material.

The filtration substance fibers consist of a complex structure, which provides a high degree of purification of the passing substance.

Oil devices remove dirt and coking products from the lubricant that penetrate the operating fluids during operation. They also withstand the elevated temperatures and pressure surges that occur when the oil heats up during fast starts.

Signs of Special Equipment Filter Wear

During the operation of technical facilities, contamination accumulates in the cleaning elements, resulting in failure of the mechanisms to perform their functions, which are accompanied by:

  • increased fuel consumption;
  • reduced productivity of the working tool of the special equipment;
  • consistent failure of auxiliary systems.

Timely maintenance of the equipment will prevent problems from occurring. Manufacturers specify a schedule for changing cleaning parts and other units. Regular replacement of operating fluids is also important. This comprehensive approach will extend the life of the specialized equipment and additional units.

When buying a filter for special equipment on your own, it is desirable to give preference to original parts from proven manufacturers. The use of quality parts ensures reliable operation of specialized equipment and prevents subsequent expensive repairs.

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