Filtration systems in power plants

Filtration systems in power plants play an important role in purifying the air, neutralizing radioactive particles, toxic elements and other contaminants. There are several types of absorbers that are installed in power plants.


  1. Aerosol filters for nuclear power plants.
  2. Coal adsorbers AUS.
  3. Aerosol filters FAP-3400.
  4. Filters FAS-5000H.

Aerosol filters for nuclear power plants

Filtration systems in power plants

The device is designed to trap aerosol particles in the air and to decontaminate them. The system effectively cleans from radioiodine in different forms (organic and molecular). Aerosol filters for nuclear power plants, due to their proper design, take up little space. The low aerodynamic resistance allows unobstructed use of the equipment in power plants. The absorber, thanks to its filling, will effectively clean the air and make the space safe.

The filters come in different series, the choice must depend on the requirements regarding the arrangement of the ventilation system in the plant.


Coal adsorbers AUS

Coal adsorbers AUS are used for purification of gases and air from iodine compounds. The unit is installed in the ventilation system of the power plant. As a standard, the absorber is capable of cleaning up to 1500 cubic meters of space. If the plant falls under other dimensions, the performance of the equipment can be changed by the supplier.

It is possible to buy separate accessories for the absorber, which adds to the comfort of use, you can simply fill the tank space with special coals, and the unit will continue to perform its function. In this case, the efficiency of the unit will be at the proper level. The air through the ventilation ducts will come clean, without harmful substances and smoke.

Aerosol filters FAP-3400

Aerosol filters FAP-3400

The device qualitatively cleans the air from toxic substances. FAP-3400 aerosol filters absorb alkaline, acid, atomic, radiation, aerosol microparticles carrying danger. The absorbent particles reliably retain the harmful substances inside the tank, neutralizing their action.

The filter is installed in the ventilation duct. Therefore, purified air initially enters the power plant room.

FAP-3400 can be used either independently or in combination with other similar units to enhance the effect of air purification in the power plant. Absorbers are made in accordance with the standards and are completely safe, fully purifying oxygen in the nuclear power plant.

Filters FAS-5000H

Absorber is an analogue of FRA-95-10M air purifier. The equipment is used to absorb and neutralize the following pollutants:

  • mists;
  • radiation;
  • toxic substances.

Purified air in the power plant premises is a safety guarantee. FAS-5000H filters are installed in ventilation ducts of nuclear power plant. They are used alone or in a set with additional units installed in a row (column).

The work of a nuclear power plant must be coordinated, because otherwise the population will not receive the necessary resources for a full life. This is why filtering equipment for nuclear power plants has been made that can cope with emissions and harmful substances. Regenerated and non-regenerated absorbers will clean even a large space, the main thing is that the equipment should be properly selected (depending on the size of the nuclear power plant) and timely maintained.

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