What a fuel separator is for, what it is

Get rid of contaminants and ensure optimal performance of your engine with fuel and oil separators. After reading this article, you will learn about the different types of these devices, their working principles and selection criteria. Understand how oil separators keep your oil clean, preventing wear and damage to your equipment. This will help extend the life of the engine and ensure its safety and performance.

Automotive filters: types and purpose

The automobile filter is a very useful part. How long the engine will last without a trip to the car service depends on this mechanism. You can understand the tasks of the barrier system and the varieties of this element by reading this article. After reading you will have no questions about what car filters exist today and what are the benefits for the car. And also you will learn how to choose the right cleaning system for your car.

Mobile fuel tanker truck. How to choose a fuel filter for a tanker truck.

A refueling truck is a specific type of transport, which is used by enterprises in various fields. The main tasks of an ATZ are transportation, storage of fuel, as well as vehicle refueling. Pumping petroleum products is carried out through an innovative filter system, which detains impurities and particles. Timely delivery of quality fuel to special vehicles increases operational cost savings and reduces downtime.

What filters are installed in modern air purifiers and their features

Nowadays, keeping indoor air healthy and clean is a particularly hot topic. Here come to the aid of modern air purifiers equipped with various filters. This article will describe the types of filters, the appropriateness of their use in air purifiers and explain why they are so important for health.

Why do we need an absorber filter for school and kindergarten ventilation systems?

The air entering a bomb shelter with a large number of children must be purified of dangerous impurities. In cases of nuclear, chemical or other types of threats, this element is of particular importance. A filter absorber is designed to purify the atmospheric air in the room. Features of designs and types expand the scope of purifier application.

How to choose filters for diesel and gasoline generators

Generators are an indispensable help in the workplace and sometimes in the home. For quality operation, the device must be inspected regularly for malfunctions and breakdowns. Generators are subject to the ingress of micro-particles from the external environment, and filters trap them and prevent them from entering the mechanism. There are several types of filters that perform their functions.

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