Characteristics and peculiarities of the selection of filters for special equipment

Filters are essential elements of every transport machine. What is the function of filters for special equipment? How to choose a filter for the engine, what should you pay attention to? Types of filtration systems for industrial equipment. Varieties of hydraulic filters. Signs of wear of the filter for special equipment. Timely maintenance of equipment a way to help avoid problems.

Filtration systems in power plants

Filtration systems in power plants play an important role in purifying the air, neutralizing radioactive particles, toxic elements and other contaminants. There are several types of absorbers that are installed in power plants.

Ventilation system of protective structures of civil defense

In wartime conditions, during the construction of civilian infrastructure, special attention is paid to shelters, which may be located inside the building or nearby. Their arrangement is made according to approved safety standards.

Protective structures of civil defense: meaning and classification

Civil defense structures help protect people from various threats (biological, chemical, radioactive). There are requirements, according to which they are built and provided with the necessary: air, food supply, water for drinking and hygiene. The article discusses the classification of shelters, which it is advisable to know at the probable danger.

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