Filter-absorbers: types, main features and functionality

Why are absorber filters installed in a protective structure to clean the air from toxic and neutral fumes, bacterial aerosols, and toxic substances. The importance of absorber filters in the defense industry.

Filtration unit FVU: specifics of work and equipment

Filter Ventilation Unit (FVU) and air purification on armored vehicles, automobiles, and stationary civil defense structures. In this article we will analyze popular types of FVVTs: AFVT-100A, AFVT-100H, AFVT-100C and other samples.

Why a filter-absorber is needed: main purpose

Why are absorption filters needed? Their use in rooms with civilian and military personnel. The main types of filter elements and peculiarities of their application. Get detailed answers to these questions in the text below.

Filter-ventilation kit FVK: what is it for and features of application

Why is the filter-ventilation kit FVK used and the peculiarities of its operation? In the article below you can find the answer to this question, as well as to understand the features of performance (which depends on the number of modes) and configuration (in standard and extended versions).

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