Drainage and aeration systems

Drainage and aeration systems

Selton LLC offers pipe filters (drainage systems) and small-bubble pipe aerators. Pipe filters are manufactured in two types: framed (TFK) and frameless (TF).

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Areas of use

A perforated PE or PVC pipe or perforated metal frames are used as a frame. Drainage can be frameless too, if it is free of large mechanical load, but its diameter should be not more than 315.

Pipe filters are produced up to 5 meters (framed) and up to 3 meters (frameless) and are connected by external sewage fittings. Pipe filters have test reports and opinions, as well as technical specifications and a sanitary and epidemiological inspection report.

Small-bubble pipe aerators are manufactured in various geometric sizes (diameter, length). A polypropylene pipe is used as a frame, polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) spraying is used as a dispersant.

Aerators are used in aeration systems:

  • at biological treatment facilities,
  • at urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • 01. Various industries (pharmaceutical, food, mechanical engineering, metalworking, instrumentation, light industry, etc.);
  • 02. In the electric power industry, gas and oil refining industries (in gas turbine engines and compressor units, etc.);
  • 03. In air preparation systems for painting and drying chambers, paint and varnish production lines and other production processes, where necessary;
  • 04. In buildings for various purposes (office and business centers, residential, administrative, warehouse terminals, airports, shopping and entertainment centers, industrial, etc.);
  • 05. At catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc.).
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