Water filters elements

Water filters elements

Our filtering elements can be used to purify water from mechanical impurities. They are made of polypropylene shaped as cylindrical and flat cartridges and are highly resistant to bacteria and chemicals.

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Areas of use

Filter for water purification: characteristics, scope of application<

High-quality filters for water purification can be purchased at the company «Selton». This product is designed to protect the liquid from mechanical impurities.

What are water filters?

Household and industrial water filters are special designs to protect the liquid from mechanical impurities. They are made in Selton factories of polypropylene. Flat and cylindrical cartridge is sold. It is highly resistant to chemicals, bacteria.

Basic Characteristics

Household water filters do not add additional odors, taste, coarse impurities, tint to the liquid that flows through the water supply system. The industrial water purification filter also works on the same principle.

Gradual and safe filtration is guaranteed. First the product sifts out iron, large elements, and then – fine particles. In this way, water softening and protection of pipes from such a phenomenon as rust occurs. Thanks to this type of operation, the filtration system lasts much longer than cartridges with a homogeneous structure.

A water purification filter can be used in both commercial and residential applications. They will purify the liquid to a high standard. The main thing is to replace the design regularly, as a household water purifier will wear out quickly with daily use.

Scope of application

The products offered are most often used at home, in the food, pharmaceutical, light industry, instrumentation, engineering, metalworking. Industrial water filter for water purification is characterized by increased capacity.

Additional areas of application:

  • power industry;
  • oil refining, gas industry;
  • preparation of air for drying rooms, paint shops;
  • paint and varnish industry.

Also presented filtering structures are actively used in canteens, cafes, restaurants. The use in business centers, offices, residential premises, warehouses, terminals, airports, shopping malls is noted.

Selton company guarantees its own production and full compliance with quality standards. The proposed products can cope with any degree of contamination.

To order just contact the manager by phone listed in the contacts. He will tell in detail about the range, technical features and help with the choice.

  • 01. Various industries (pharmaceutical, food, mechanical engineering, metalworking, instrumentation, light industry, etc.);
  • 02. In the electric power industry, gas and oil refining industries (in gas turbine engines and compressor units, etc.);
  • 03. In air preparation systems for painting and drying chambers, paint and varnish production lines and other production processes, where necessary;
  • 04. In buildings for various purposes (office and business centers, residential, administrative, warehouse terminals, airports, shopping and entertainment centers, industrial, etc.);
  • 05. At catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc.).
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