Filter-absorbers: types, main features and functionality


  1. Filter-absorbers: types
  2. Features and functional
  3. Reliable shelter filters — FVK systems: specifics of operation and design

Special filters-absorbers, which domestic manufacturer «Selton» offers to buy, will help to provide effective purification of the supplied air flow at the objects of military industry and in civil defense facilities, as well as on defense stationary and military-technical mobile facilities.

Now that Ukraine is in a state of war, the relevant products are especially relevant.

The material in this article contains information about the categories of such in-demand equipment as filter-absorber for air, the specifics of their application and basic technical characteristics.

Filter-absorbers: types

High-pressure filters-absorbers, which are part of the AS line, are a part of the FVU filter units, including models FVUA-100H and FVUA-100A-24.

Such parts fall into three categories according to their intended use:

Regeneration cartridges SA

  1. For stationary protective structures. Filter-absorber for bomb shelters, such as FP-100, FPU-200 and FP-300, can be used separately or as part of shelter ventilation systems equipped with two or three filtering devices.
  2. For mobile objects of weaponry, including combat vehicles. Examples of filtration equipment included in the package of FS of armored vehicles and special vehicles in the form of BMPs, APCs and tanks are filter-absorbers FPT-100, FPT-200 and FPT-200M. They are used on cabs that are difficult to seal.
  3. Regenerative cartridges for shelters and other facilities that provide protection of the population in wartime. In structures of new, under construction and long time in operation, in which the analog parts of the previous generation have already exhausted their resource, regenerative cartridge CA grade 26 715 is installed.
  4. FVC. The task of the filter-ventilation complex systems is to provide air supply in shelters with a maximum capacity of up to 450 people, as well as air purification at defense industrial plants, which operate in complete isolation mode.

Features and functional

This filtration equipment is capable of keeping people safe in situations of man-made accidents and in case the enemy uses the following toxic substances:

  • bacterial weapons these can be biological droplet and liquid aerosols;
  • radioactive dust a consequence of the use of nuclear weapons;
  • potent poisonous preparations;
  • poisonous substances of chemical origin.

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Filter-absorbers will also protect against carbon monoxide during fires and smoke. 

The SA 26 715 regenerative cartridge, which is capable of absorbing carbon dioxide from atmospheric air, can be assembled in columns, as two or three stacked units. When ordering the appropriate equipment, you should also take care of the purchase of mounting parts, which will be needed to connect the system.

The FPU-200 filter is installed in ventilation systems, using couplings, spigots, clamps and tees for installation.

Local purification of air, resulting in the index of impurities concentration will be 10-100 times lower than the maximum permissible, will provide filtroventilatsionnaya car installation FVUA-100.

This modification, installed in the duct, pressurizes the air flow into the pressurized booths thus forming a curtain of purified air.

Reliable shelter filters — FVK systems: specifics of operation and design

Ukraine produces filter-ventilation complex, which can be powered by a standard power grid or its external analogue a generator powered by diesel fuel.

The FPT equipment includes a protective climatic unit that provides not only the supply of purified air, but also regulates the temperature in the room.

The device supports two operating formats ventilation and recirculation mode.

Such a unit is equipped with an electronic control panel with a convenient and clear interface that allows you to program the performance of the device, the operating mode and the temperature in the room. The system controls the operation of the valves, fans and filtration elements, as well as the accounting of the operating time, all by itself.

The FVK is equipped with the following components:

FVK filter-ventilation complexes

  • prefilters;
  • filter-absorbers the line AS;
  • installation armatures and air ducts;
  • regenerative cartridges types CA;
  • the air handling unit;
  • settings panel;
  • the climate control unit;
  • a self-contained power supply.

The main technical specifications of the kit are given below:








Number of people in the shelter







Nominal productivity in clean ventilation mode







Nominal productivity in filter-ventilation mode







Nominal productivity in regeneration mode







Control system


Automatic with manual override

Climate system


Cooling and heating

Ambient air temperature


-50 – +50

Relative humidity


30 – 95

Operating time from a stand-alone source


6 – 48

Power Source



Production of FP-300 and other models of filters, absorbers, and filtering equipment that purify air, gases and liquids in our country is the company «SELTON».

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