Aviation fuel filters: types, principle of operation, characteristics


  1. Applications and types
  2. Filters for jet fuel purification: principle of operation
  3. Aircraft filter of FGN series: design and characteristics
  4. Filter separator ST-500: features

Special aviation fuel filters help to effectively purify jet fuel for flight vehicles from contaminants.

About the use, mechanism of action, design and characteristics of the corresponding equipment that Ukraine produces.

Applications and types

Filter equipment for ground refueling systems and air vehicles are widely used in the following areas:

  • in aeronautical engineering;
  • in aircraft engineering;
  • in the oil refining industry;
  • in the gas industry.

Such equipment, depending on the specifics of use, is divided into two categories hydraulic and fuel.

The hydraulics serve to clean the oils fed into the hydraulic actuator from foreign particles and thereby protect hydraulic actuator equipment.

Fuel filtering devices perform purification of fuel, in particular, TC-1, T-1C, T-1 and T-2 grade fuel, as well as RG-1 grade kerosene, thereby protecting the engine of aircraft and other aircraft equipment.

Filters for jet fuel purification: principle of operation

Filters for ground filling systems and aircrafts

Installations providing aircraft fuel filtration are multistage systems based on coagulant filters and filter separators.

Aviation fuel filter is distinguished by the mechanical principle of operation. First, the fuel liquid is pumped to the EFC filters (coagulating filter elements), which perform the preliminary purification process, removing foreign particles up to 5 microns in size. The pre-cleaned fuel is then fed to the next finer filter element. The corresponding filter element for the separator is capable of capturing solid fragments up to 0.5 microns in size.

In the next stage of treatment, the fuel is cleaned first of massive and heavy and then of small and light water droplets.

Using Uap «Gidravlika» hydraulic filter elements, the coagulation cartridge and separator cartridge should be properly combined. The system can be supplemented with a filter monitor with absorbent cartridges if necessary.


Aircraft filter of FGN series: design and characteristics

In our country the production of the FGN model range is established to buy such products the manufacturer «SELTON» offers.

The series of these devices includes several lenticular-disc models, including FGN-30, FGN-60 and FGN-120.

Such devices are equipped with a case with a connector at the bottom, providing the possibility to install the filter elements directly on the central pipe.

Filtration packages of this model range, including FGN-120-20, are non-woven, two-layer, made on the basis of filter paper impregnated with bakelite resin.

The petroleum product enters the system through the inlet connection, then passes through the package, then enters the central pipe, then exits the outlet connection.

Each of the representatives of the line differs in certain technical data. 







108 х 40 cm

108 kg

120 m³/hour



78 х 40 cm

60,5 kg

60 m³/hour

Compact and lightweight


68,3 х 35 cm

40 kg

30 m³/hour


Filter separator ST-500: features

Free water and dirt during filling and emptying of tanks with oil products in fuel depots as well as during aircraft refueling will be removed by the filter separator CT-500, which weighs 134 kg.

Filter elements ST-500 are distinguished by a high capacity of 500 liters per minute. The device is able to filter fuel so quickly due to the unique material of the filter wagon with a water separating fiber of Voyutsky. 

These filters are used for MiG aircraft, Su, for water vehicles and in technological equipment. 

The average service life of such equipment is up to 6 million liters. It is possible to increase the potential of the device by purchasing an additional fine filter element TF-10. Significant fuel contamination leads to reduction of the system resource capacity.

It is possible to buy the filter for the aircraft, as well as hydraulic and fuel filter elements UAP, which meet international standards and GOST norms, in the company «Selton» (Ukraine).

This manufacturer manufactures a wide model range of filter elements, which are identical to the corresponding products of Uap «Gidravlika» and approved for use in accordance with the established legislation.

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