Filtration unit FVU: specifics of work and equipment

The equipment used by mobile objects of weapons and military equipment is the FVU filtration unit. The line of corresponding units includes models AFVT-100A, AFVT-100H, AFVT-100S and other samples.


  1. Filtering units for air: complete set
  2. Filtration unit FVU: specific work
  3. Key technical specifications

Filtering units for air: complete set

The delivery set of devices such as filter-ventilation units for KUNGs and military equipment includes a number of elements.

The manufacturer supplies this equipment with the following components:

Filtration unit AFVT-100C

  • the housing includes a blower and a filter pack, which may include a prefilter;
  • absorber additional filter element;
  • valve;
  • pipe branch;
  • air ducts with an adjustable damper;
  • the control panel is equipped with color sensors for operating modes;
  • with fasteners in the form of a plate and a bracket.

Filtering units can also be produced with a separator, which provides purification of the atmosphere from radioactive coarse dust an example of such a system is a modification of AFVT-100C.

FVUA-100H-24 is equipped with electric fans EV-100-24, working from the on-board network 24V.

Filtration unit FVU: specific work

Aggregate air cleaners of AFVT type are modern analogues of FVUA-100A, FVUA-100N and FVU-100 2S.1 models.

They are indispensable in combat situations, in situations where the enemy decides to contaminate the airspace, to poison it using bacteriological aerosols, radioactive, man-made dust and other toxic preparations.

Such a unit creates an overpressure that prevents atmospheric contaminated air from penetrating inside military mobile equipment.

This system functions on the principle of aspiration:

  • the contaminated air stream enters the device;
  • massive dust particles are sent to the cleaning hopper;
  • the unit distributes the hazardous air between the filters;
  • the unit detains dust and toxic substances on exterior surfaces and provides cleaned air to the pressurized cabin of military vehicles, including bodies, vans and other ground technical means.

FU, equipped with special filtered cartridges, provides fine purification, almost complete absorption of both solid particles and the smallest droplets of atomized aerosols by mechanical means.

The filtration equipment can be stationary or mobile. Stationary filtration systems can be integrated with factory, industrial equipment, providing ventilation. For military purposes, mobile FU are used, which are characterized by the greatest mobility.

Key technical specifications

Modifications of filter-ventilating units designed for multiple use are characterized by nominal air flow rate of 100 m³/hour and overpressure of 294 Pa.

Operation units FVUA-100A-24 assumes power supply voltage of 12 or 24 V, direct electric current and allows operating temperatures from -50 to +50 ° C.

The unit weighs 50 kilograms and has an approximate service life of 10 years and is capable of converting contaminated air into actually clean air.

The throughput capacity of the filtration units is different the size of contaminants trapped by FS, depending on their model, is from 0.3 to 0.05 microns.

Such an automobile filter-ventilation unit can also be equipped with a cabin controlling overhead and gantry cranes. This solution allows its operation also in the production sphere in the shops of steel, galvanic, electrolysis and chemical industry.

In Ukraine, the company «Selton» is engaged for over twenty years in the production of FVU that meet European quality standards. The equipment manufactured by this plant allows purification of air, as well as liquefied and natural gas, process liquids, water and oils.

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