How fuel filters work at gas stations


  1. What a fine filter consists of.
  2. Fuel filter separator.
  3. How to choose a filter.

Diesel fuel needs to be cleaned of solid and fine particles just like any other combustible liquid. Basically, the fuel line consists of two main filters. One is designed for coarse cleaning, the other for fine cleaning, which captures debris particles of minimal diameter. The primary purification of diesel fuel is made with filters with the so-called settling tank, where particles of debris, dirt, dust, etc. are deposited. This is necessary to prepare the fuel for further filtration. The procedure also protects the engine and mechanisms from breakdowns.

What a fine filter consists of

Filters for fuel purification at gas stationsCellulose, which is impregnated with resin, is used as a filter. It is capable of trapping fine particles of dirt.

Filtration of diesel fuel from impurities before it enters the engine of the car is one of the important conditions for the smooth operation of transport, both on diesel and gas station equipment. Fuel purification filters at gas stations are fundamentally different from those already in cars – it is very important not to confuse them.

When transporting fuel in gasoline trucks and even when stored properly, moisture and mechanical particles can get into the composition. Even through the hose when overflowing fuel can get dirt or rocks. Because of this often happens breakdowns of equipment. The installation of such a filter is simply necessary to clean the refueling system. The large range allows the buyer to choose exactly what he needs.

Fuel filter separator

This reusable filter for diesel fuel is used for high-quality cleaning of fuel from various impurities and moisture. It is installed before the pump. In the store you can buy both filters for diesel fuel and filters for gasoline.


  • protects against detonation and contamination;
  • no internal moving parts;
  • fits in a convenient location and does not interfere with use;
  • sturdy material that can withstand any load;
  • reliable.

The less dirty particles in the fuel, the more effective its performance. The quality of operation of the car or other vehicles depends on this indicator.

How to choose a filter

Order the filter that meets the specifications of your filling station, as well as the type of fuel that is in the column – the result of purification and serviceability of the equipment depends on it.

The main selection criteria are:

  • flow rate;
  • material of filter and its capacity;
  • maximum sustained pressure in the filter.

The larger the volume of the column, the higher the flow rate to it should be. For those who are poorly versed in filters, it is recommended to choose a universal option – cellulose, which is able to screen out particles.

Adding paraffin to diesel fuel wears out conventional fuel filters. But that problem has been solved as well. There are now winter filters on the market. They are more durable and dependable to use. Wood may also be part of the fuel. It is used to produce high quality fuel that needs to be cleaned.

Consider two types of fuel filters.

  1. Cellulose. Used to clean the solid particles, well protects the column and the car from damage.
  2. Hydro-adsorbent. The composition includes an absorbent powder, which has the property of turning into a gel when in contact with water.

The liquid creates a protective effect and the fuel is cleaned.
When selecting filters, consult the manager, consider the characteristics, volume of fuel to be cleaned, etc. Filling the tank with quality fuel is the beginning of proper operation of the vehicle. Do not try to save money on filters. Pick exactly what you need.

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