Why do we need an absorber filter for school and kindergarten ventilation systems?


  1. Purpose of filter-absorbers.
  2. Types of filters-absorbers.
  3. Need for equipment for kindergartens and schools.

The air entering a bomb shelter with a large number of children must be purified of dangerous impurities. In cases of nuclear, chemical or other types of threats, this element is of particular importance. A filter absorber is designed to purify the atmospheric air in the room. Features of designs and types expand the scope of purifier application.

School shelter

Purpose of filter-absorbers

Systems that are capable of absorbing harmful substances and sediments are needed in emergency cases. Absorption filters are installed in bomb shelters or at special facilities designed to protect military and civilian population. They eliminate the danger of contamination by harmful substances, which can lead to poisoning or irreversible processes in the body. Filters are capable of dealing with these types of contaminants:

  • radioactive sludge, which can form when radioactive substances decay;
  • chemicals that have toxic effects on humans;
  • warfare agents;
  • bioweapons (bacteriological).

The filter itself is a cylinder with an absorbing element inside. Contaminated air enters a special zone and then enters the room through the filter. Design features allow the purifiers to be used for sealed rooms.

Types of filters-absorbers

This system is installed both on stationary ventilation systems and on mobile base of special military facilities. The air absorber filter easily cleans the atmosphere of toxic and radioactive impurities. Depending on their intended purposes, filters are divided into:

  1. For bomb shelters – used independently or as an element of a ventilation system. These include FP-100, FPU-200 and FP-300, systems use two or three devices. A common model, which is suitable for rooms in schools with a small volume, FP-50/25. An upgraded version of the FP-100U is capable of absorbing a large number of hazardous elements.
  2. For mobile military equipment. Filters are installed in cabins that are difficult to seal. The basic FPT-100, FPT-200, and FPT-200M models included in armored vehicles.
  3. For new, or long used bomb shelters, including kindergartens and schools. Or in special facilities designed to protect people and children during the war, regenerative cartridges brand 26 715 are installed.
  4. The system of filter-absorber complexes-fvc. The main task of filter-absorber complexes is to supply atmospheric air to shelters capable of accommodating up to 450 people. Often the complexes are installed at defense plants in complete isolation.


These cleaners will help in case of fires or smoke as they can absorb carbon monoxides.

Need for equipment for kindergartens and schools

To guarantee the safety of schoolchildren during wartime, it is necessary to install fvc systems in bomb shelters that are located on school grounds. Such a system is equipped with a climate control unit, which is responsible not only for supplying clean air, but also for maintaining a constant temperature in the room.

The panel is equipped with an electronic control system, which makes it easy to set the temperature, mode of operation and performance. The FVC system itself monitors the operation of individual elements and accounts for idle time.

In emergency situations properly equipped protection facilities can save many children’s lives.

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