CNC machining

Accuracy and the possibility of accelerated work without loss of quality – these are the advantages that distinguish CNC machining in Ukraine from the use of standard mechanisms. An additional advantage of using technological tools is the simplicity of management. It is possible to avoid the negative impact of the human factor, which is reflected in the quality of work, regardless of the volume of production.

The main types and advantages of CNC processing

The use of equipment with CNC (numerical program control) helps in the rapid and qualitative performance of such types of work as:

  • milling;
  • turning;
  • drilling;
  • complex preparation of parts.

Today processing of parts on CNC machines helps in operative fulfillment of a wide list of works, which is periodically supplemented with new services. The secret is in the increased manufacturability of metalworking, which helps to fully automate the process, excluding human participation. The operator is needed to prepare the workpiece and to adjust the program, taking into account the specified algorithms. Also, the presence of specially trained personnel is needed to control the work performed.

Advantages that distinguish metal processing on CNC machines:

  • increased productivity due to the minimum participation of the operator (the functions of a modern machine include the simultaneous performance of several actions);
  • high accuracy (milling or other types of machines work according to a specially defined program, which helps to reduce the error to a micron);
  • the possibility of full automation of the production process (machine tool processing of metal, provided it works with pre-configured programs, helps in the equipment of the conveyor line with full automation).

An additional advantage of processing with the use of CNC machines is adequate cost. Plus: there is an opportunity to order the production of parts with non-standard parameters due to the use of the system capabilities.

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