Metal bending

Metal bending is a metalworking technology that uses a bending press. The peculiarity is that bending a part allows you to produce a sufficient number of metal blanks in a short time without the use of a welding machine.

Sheet metal bending at the Selton plant: advantages

Sheet metal bending has a number of advantages:

  1. It is possible to change the shape of the sheet metal using a special bending press. The shape is also changed with other mechanical devices.
  2. Metal blanks are created monolithic, though flexible, which gives protection from rust, corrosion.
  3. Adequate cost. This technology is more economical, more profitable than a welding machine, while the sheet after bending has good performance characteristics.

The work of production is accelerated due to the bending process.

Varieties of sheet metal bending

Bending of metal products is divided into several ways.

  1. Longitudinal method. This method involves only accurate bending of the product. The method of longitudinal bending is carried out with the help of a cold method.
  2. Transverse method. It is used for kinks, dropouts, as well as bending the sides of the sheet metal. In addition to bending, the metal is subjected to drawing with settling. It is used for thick metals. Transverse bending is done by hot bending.

Despite the fact that bending is done in several ways, no one is immune from defects.

The most common varieties of defect are the dimensions of metal blanks are incorrect. Also a defect is considered an oblique bending of metal. With improper processing, mechanical damage can also occur.

Usually defective parts appear as a result of incorrect bending. The most common mistakes – at the factory set the wrong marking of places. Weak or, on the contrary, strong clamping when making parts from sheet metal is also a mistake.

Several types of equipment are used for bending – hydraulic and electromechanical.

Timing and cost of sheet metal bending

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