Drilling holes in metal

Punching holes in sheet metal is a perforation method. The drilling method is highly popular due to good performance, as well as the simplicity of the processing method.

Punching holes in metal: features of the technology

Punching holes in metal is carried out with a thickness of 0.5 – 4 millimeters. The main feature is that the machine is used with a special design, which makes it impossible to work with pipes, as well as with a large thickness of metal.\

For punching holes, a punch is used. This is a punch made of hard alloys, as well as a matrix, on which the workpiece is placed.

Punch for making holes can have different shapes, which make it possible to apply perforation to metal of various kinds.

Sheets that have succumbed to perforation are used in various applications:

  1. are used as parts of metal furniture;
  2. can act as frames for advertising structures;
  3. are used as covers and grids.

Drilling holes in metal is carried out with the help of automatic or manual equipment.

Drilling holes in metal at the Selton plant: advantages

The technology has a number of advantages.

  1. The speed of production is high due to new, technological equipment, tools that are installed at the plant. At the same time, processing is carried out under the condition of compliance with safety regulations.
  2. This type of processing gives high indicators of accuracy – up to 0.05 millimeters.
  3. There are opportunities to punch holes manually, while the quality of products is not lost.
  4. Punching at the factory is carried out by employees with extensive experience, on modern, functional and technological equipment. At the same time, the rates for services are adequate.

Masters at the factory guarantee optimal terms of order fulfillment. At the same time, the quality of work at the highest level, sheet products have good performance characteristics. Threading in sheet metal at the factory is carried out both automatically and manually, while the delivery of the workpiece is carried out in a clearly agreed time.

Timing and cost

At the Selton plant, the various products are processed within the optimum time frame, which is agreed between the customer and the contractor. The cost is also negotiated. To order the service of metal processing, the price of which is affordable in Kiev, Ukraine is easy, just contact a representative of the company.

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