Laser welding

This pioneering technology has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. It is a precise and efficient method of joining two parts that is widely used in various industries, such as medical implants or components for the aerospace and automotive industries.

Laser welding technology

The process begins by generating an intense and concentrated heat source on the machine tool. The laser beam is then directed to a surface where its energy is absorbed, causing local heating. The melting then creates the weld. It is important to note that heating control is ensured by special optical systems such as guide lenses and mirrors. They guarantee the stability of the weld.

Laser welding work can be carried out in a normal atmosphere without the need for a vacuum. Usually, an inert gas such as argon is used to protect the bath from oxidation. However, this interaction causes metal vaporization and changes in the laser path, which in turn affects the quality of the processing.

The light streams have certain characteristics:

  • coherence;
  • monochromaticity;
  • directionality.

Coherent waves create a constant phase difference, and monochromaticity guarantees a narrow width of the radiation spectrum.

In general, laser metal welding is an important tool in material processing, which provides high accuracy, efficiency and reliability of connecting parts.

Advantages of laser welding service at Selton Plant

The company offers a wide range of services and has these pros:

  1. High precision in joining parts that require minimal tolerance for error and high degree of fit. The use of such welding machines allows for extremely thin welds with minimal heat exposure.
  2. Unlike other methods, laser welding reduces the risk of deformation or damage to adjacent areas.
  3. High productivity and economical operation allows to automate the process and reduce labor costs.
  4. Ability to work with small parts in the microelectronics industry, medical devices and other areas where high detail is required.
  5. This system is a relatively clean process requiring no additional chemicals or gases.

Selton Plant has advanced equipment and experienced technicians. By utilizing their services, you are guaranteed a reliable and professional approach and evaluation of your project.

What sets laser welding apart from traditional welding?

Here are the key features of this type of joining:

  • control over the process;
  • absence of deformation and cracking;
  • versatility;
  • automation and productivity;
  • environmental safety.

These works are used in industries such as:

  • automotive industry;
  • aviation and aerospace;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • power engineering;
  • medical equipment;
  • electronics;
  • shipbuilding;
  • production of weapons and household appliances;
  • jewelry industry.

Therefore, laser welding services are needed wherever high precision, quality and efficiency of the process are required.

Equipment on which we perform laser welding

Here is a list of some unique equipment:

  • laser welding machine with multiple modes and settings;
  • a high-performance source with a powerful output;
  • precision optics;
  • automated positioning and focusing systems;
  • fixtures and clamps for different types of parts;
  • operator safety software;
  • integrated cooling and waste removal mechanisms;
  • process tools for part surface preparation and machining.

The timeframe for laser welding at the Selton factory in Ukraine in Kiev depends on the amount of work, the required accuracy and the availability of the necessary equipment. Customers have various options for calculating the cost, including the price per unit of welded material or hour of work.

We also offer to book a consultation to work out the best solution to suit your needs.

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