Metal laser processing

Laser metal cutting in Ukraine is a modern method of metal processing, the use of which helps to perform cutting and other types of work with materials of almost any thickness. The secret of universality lies in the special properties of the laser, which, given the features of the setting, can penetrate an impressive thickness, which eliminates the need for additional equipment.

Today at the production facilities of the company “Selton” professional laser machines are used, the functionality of which helps to order the processing of metal sheets with different characteristics. Additional advantages are affordable cost and excellent quality, which is characterized by laser metal cutting.

The main types of laser metal cutting

Given the design features of machines and the possibility of adjusting the direction and strength of the laser beam, when using new technologies, you can order the following types of cutting:

  • melting (the service is suitable for working with non-ferrous metals, which guarantees excellent accuracy of work and the possibility of performing a shaped cut; often used in the automotive industry or in the manufacture of parts for devices);
  • laser cutting of non-ferrous metal with evaporation (suitable for working with wood, plastic and other materials; the advantage is the absence of waste, which eliminates the need for subsequent processing);
  • with fracture control (a good solution for cutting fragile sheet materials, which helps in the high-precision manufacture of products for various purposes).

Given its popularity, laser cutting of sheet metal is in demand today for manufacturing parts from different types of materials. A popular example is steel, which is pre-treated. Given the characteristics, steel parts with high precision are widely used in all industries.

Advantages of laser metal cutting

Among the pluses that distinguish the services of laser metal cutting, we can emphasize:

  • high accuracy (professional equipment works with an error of no more than a micron);
  • versatility (it is possible to work with different types of materials, including ceramics and glass);
  • fulfillment of complex orders (shaped cuts and processing in several planes).

Do you need more information about laser cutting services in Kiev? Interested in current prices and specifics of ordering? Contact our operators (contacts and schedule are on the main page).

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