Plasma metal cutting

Plasma metal cutting is a method of thermal processing of metal, the use of which helps to perform high-precision processing of materials for use in various areas of industry. To perform cutting, professional equipment with program control is used, which guarantees excellent accuracy of work regardless of the complexity of the order.

Features and advantages of plasma metal cutting

Plasma metal cutting involves the use of inert gas, which is previously passed through an electric arc. To get plasma, the characteristics of which help in the high quality of material cutting, which is reflected in the accuracy of finished parts, the selected gas (the type depends on the characteristics of the processed material and the functions of the plasma cutter) is ionized.

The temperature of the plasma column is several thousand degrees, which helps to perform a precise cut with minimal error (depending on the type of equipment, the error does not exceed one micron).

Advantages that distinguish plasma metal cutting in Ukraine:

  • high speed, which helps in the prompt fulfillment of the order of large volume;
  • the possibility of processing different types of materials (stainless steel, aluminum, steel alloys with non-standard characteristics and other options);
  • economy (accuracy and high quality of cutting, regardless of sheet thickness, helps to minimize material losses, which affects the total cost of work).

An additional advantage of introducing plasma cutting technology into the production process is the possibility to automate production. The modern machine is offered with program control, which reduces the impact of the human factor. As a result, the total cost of work is reduced, which is not reflected in the quality and reduced production volumes.

Advantages of working with Selton

Interested in plasma metal cutting services in Kiev? In priority adequate prices without loss of quality? We offer metal cutting using high-tech equipment. High professionalism of our specialists and constant modernization of the production line guarantee the expansion of the list of services for processing of metal and other materials. Our operators will tell you how to order cutting or other type of work, will orient you on terms and actual prices. Contacts can be found on the main page.

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