TRUMPF sheet metal processing

Sheet metal is a key and sought-after material in many industrial products. TRUMPF company provides advanced technologies, thanks to which its processing in production is qualitative, showing high results.

Types of production work

Cutting and processing of TRUMPF sheet metal is performed by machines of different types of action, where each performs its own tasks. They can be divided into laser, machine and bending types, and by functionality into the following types of work:

  • laser cutting is a fast and accurate process where different thicknesses of sheet metal, including steel, aluminum, copper and alloyed alloys, are under the power of the machine;
  • equipment for metal bending makes it possible to produce complex parts, at different angles and radii with minimal deviations;
  • high-pressure press, where metal forming, punching and blanking are provided;
  • welding, which is possible with different methods: laser, arc and spot welding, depending on the requirements of a particular project;
  • coordinate punching machine, for punching and punching in the creation of holes, recesses and molding of parts according to specified parameters;
  • pipe bending operations are performed on TRUMPF machines for bending and cutting pipes of different diameters and shapes.

Thanks to the high precision, productivity and reliability of TRUMPF machines, the machine process is optimized and the quality of the final product is improved.

Advantages of TRUMPF metal processing

Working with such equipment, metal machining with TRUMPF machines is convenient, high quality and has a number of advantages:
accuracy and high productivity ensure that complex operations can be performed in a short time;

  • versatility of the technique, which gives maximum functionality on one equipment;
  • flexible approach to customization of TRUMPF machines to meet specific production needs;
  • adaptation to different materials, sheet thicknesses and end product requirements;
  • regular updates and assistance in the maintenance of laser and machine systems, process automation, development of special tools and accessories;
  • stable operation over long periods of time without downtime, where the price for maintenance is clear and optimal.

Such features make TRUMPF equipment an attractive choice for companies and help to increase the efficiency of work and the quality of the final product.

Cost and time of metal processing

The use of TRUMPF equipment depends on initial factors such as the technical requirements of the project, the chosen configuration, delivery and installation conditions. To clarify the cost and terms, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for consultation. Ukraine has the ability to produce such products at the Selton factory in Kiev, which is very convenient.

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