CNC milling interesting

The use of advanced equipment ensures that metal milling on CNC in Ukraine to order will pass with minimal error. Given the functionality of the milling machine with numerical control, it is possible to order the processing of the product with non-standard design parameters. Plus: milling does not take much time, which excludes downtime of technological equipment.

Main stages

CNC metal milling occurs in several stages:

  • creation of the machining code;
  • equipment setup;
  • manufacturing of parts.

Now more details. The use of modern software helps to create a virtual representation of the final product. At the same stage there is a choice of milling cutter, which is suitable for the specified types of work. Virtual workpiece is created in 3d format, which helps to calculate and correct possible errors.

To milling was with maximum accuracy, the operator preconfigures the lathe. Features of the design of the equipment exclude human participation in the production process, but preliminary manual adjustment is still necessary. It includes fixing the workpiece, installing the actuator and other types of work. Today, milling on a CNC lathe excludes stopping the equipment in the production process for manual tool change, but the operator’s participation is mandatory.

The milling process itself consists in the impact of a continuously rotating actuator on the workpiece, which gives it the desired shape.

Types of milling operations

Thanks to the peculiarities of the design and functionality of the milling machine, today it is possible to process parts of any shape. An illustrative example is the milling of surfaces with any angle of inclination, which expands the list of products that can be ordered. Plus: the production of grooves and ledges of any size is available. The use of combination milling cutters helps in the processing of surfaces with complex reliefs.

Depending on the type of material and type of work, it is possible to order counter or cross milling.

Advantages of using CNC milling machines

Among the advantages that distinguish milling processing on CNC machines, we can emphasize:

  • universality (there is the possibility of processing any kind of metal, including materials with non-standard characteristics);
  • high productivity (production technology eliminates downtime for auxiliary operations);
  • CNC guarantees high accuracy, regardless of the complexity of the order.

An additional advantage is the democratic cost of works, given their excellent quality.

Advantages of working with Selton

The use of high-tech equipment in Kiev guarantees that the milling of workpieces, regardless of the complexity of the order, will pass with maximum accuracy. We clearly comply with the agreed terms of fulfillment of the order. Prices, given the high speed and excellent quality of processing, remain at a democratic level. You can get acquainted with the full list of services and available payment methods from our operators. Contacts on the main page.

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