Metal punching

Metal punching is a technology that is widely and actively used in various industries.

Due to this technology, through holes are created on the surface of the product, which are necessary for a strong connection of various elements.

The technology at first glance is simple, but to obtain good results, specialists adhere to some features and nuances.

Scope of application of coordinate punching of sheet metal

Coordinate punching of metal is used in order to get the necessary holes in the product for the attachment of the necessary tools. In this case, the thickness of the sheet does not matter.

Thanks to coordinate punching in one pass in the metal is created several holes, which are also called a matrix.

This method is used in many areas of industry. Such technology is in demand in the production of various metal structures, as well as in the manufacture of small architectural forms.

Also coordinate punching of sheet metal is used in such areas:

  1. manufacturing of showcases, various reflections;
  2. creation of building supports;
  3. manufacture of advertising structures, billboards, banners;
  4. construction of racks for warehouses, as well as terminals.

For non-standard products some stamps are made individually, using modern technology of ZD-modeling. For standard punching, manual, automatic and semi-automatic equipment is used.

Coordinate punching of sheet metal at the Selton plant: advantages

Let’s consider the key advantages of sheet metal punching at the Selton plant.

  1. Thanks to this method, work with metal of small thickness takes place in a short time.
  2. It is possible to carry out processing of different sizes, the necessary shapes, bending, stamping, thread rolling and incomplete punching.
  3. Metalworking is carried out using a cold method, high temperatures are not applied.
  4. It is possible to produce parts and structures of any complexity, according to established GOSTs, as well as according to individual drawings.
  5. During processing the surface remains intact, without damage, scratches, chips.

Another important advantage is optimal timing. The necessary parts from sheet metal can be obtained quickly.

Timing and cost

Before ordering, terms and cost are negotiated. The price for the service in Kiev in Ukraine is on the website of the plant. To order it is necessary to contact the representatives of the enterprise.

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