CNC turning

CNC turning is now a popular area of metal processing, the use of which helps in the manufacture of parts with standard and unique dimensions. In Ukraine, CNC lathes are used to create structural elements that are used in metallurgy, chemical industry, agriculture and other industries.

Implementation of numerical program control guarantees that processing on CNC lathes will be with maximum accuracy, which can not be achieved when using equipment in the standard version.

Advantages of using CNC lathes

Among the advantages can be emphasized:

  • simplicity and reliability (the process eliminates the negative impact of the human factor, which helps in customizing complex elements);
  • versatility (thanks to the expanded functionality of the machine, the range of manufactured parts is constantly increasing);
  • work with different types of materials (gentle surface treatment expands the list of materials that can be worked with when using a high-tech tool).

An additional advantage that distinguishes turning on CNC machines is the high speed of work. The reason is the minimal involvement of the operator in the production process. His tasks include entering the necessary parameters of the workpiece and control of execution.

Types of CNC turning

An important point: turning a part is different from milling. The main difference is the principle of the operation. In the first case, part of the material is gradually removed from the surface of the workpiece, which gives it the necessary shape, taking into account the predetermined parameters. The use of a milling machine is necessary for cutting or drilling. Given these features, on the milling machine it is possible to process any kind of parts, on the lathe – exclusively those that have a central axis. The cost of work depends on their complexity.
Types of turning on program-controlled machines:

  • thread cutting (you can order thread cutting from the inside or outside, with different pitch and other parameters);
  • drilling holes (in addition, boring, reaming and other types of work are performed);
  • grooving (the use of high-tech equipment helps to order the manufacture of parts with non-standard parameters).

Additionally, on the lathe is processing the surface of the workpiece in order to give roughness or, conversely, grinding.

Working with the company “Selton”

Metal turning on CNC machines in Kiev, which can be ordered in our company, guarantees high accuracy in the manufacture of parts of any complexity. We appreciate the trust of customers, offer optimal prices for professional types of work. In our team work highly qualified specialists, which reduces the time for the manufacture of the order. Our operators will familiarize you with the full list of services and will orient you on the cost. Up-to-date contacts on the main page.

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